Fit only tyre size and rating (speed and load) recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or an equivalent size. Avoid mixing tyres of different brands or patterns on the same axle.

Difference in tread depth on the same axle should not be more
than 3mm.


Always inflate to the correct pressure. Incorrect inflationcan cause loss of steering precision making your car unstable.

Pressure recommendations may be found on a placard in the glove box, pillar of driver's door, fuel cap or owner's manual. Check pressure when tyres are cold at least once a month.


Under inflation reduces the tyre's contact with the road surface which means less grip. It also causes excessive tyre deflection which builds up heat and causes irregular and rapid wear.

Fuel consuption may increaseand excessive internal heat may weaken the casing.


Over inflation reduces the tyre's contact with the roadsurface which means less grip.

It also causes the tyre to run hard producing a harsher ride and the tyre becomes easily damaged by impact. Tyre wear is more rapid and irregular.


Rotation is needed due to the different wear characteristics of each wheel position on a vehicle.

Rotate every 7,000 to 10,000 Km to obtain uniform wear and maximize tyre life.


Wheel balancing helps distribute weight evenly, eliminates
vibrations and helps prevent premature wearing of suspension
and steering components and tyres


Ensuring that wheels are correctly aligned to vehicle manufacturer's recommendation will provide regular tyre wear and stable vehicle dynamics. Excessive toe-in will lead to outside shoulder wear while excessivetoe-out and negative camber will lead to inside shoulder wear.

Poor wheel alignmentalso leads to higher fuel consumption.Wheel alignment should be done every 15,000 to 20,000 Km or after changing suspensioncomponents.


Proper tyre repair must include inspection of the internal structure of the tyre to determine its repairability.

This is to ensure quality repair, reliability & safety.

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