Weekly Prizes Questionnaire form.
Weekly Contest Terms & Conditions:
  1. Simply just answer the 6 questions in this webpage by filling in your answer A, B or C.
  2. Send in your correct answer with your full detail of personal particular require in this webpage.
  3. Sin Hup Huat Co will auto generate to pick 5 winners with correct answer on weekly basis.
  4. The winners will then be notified via email for collection of their prizes at respective branches. (Email is mandatory to fill in during submission in order for us to contact if you are one of the auto generated pick 5 winners with correct answers).
  5. 5 weekly winners will also automatically qualify to enter our Grand Prize Lucky pick at the end of the 4th week.
  6. Final Grand Prize for Lucky pick will be done at G1 (Menglait Branch) by the selected 5 winners x 4 weeks = 20 winners themselves. The Grand Prize mechanism to pick the winner will be announced on that day itself.
  7. Winner must come for the pick themselves, no representative is allow. Otherwise, he/she will be considered elimination of herself/ himself.
  8. Winner must come with valid identity card to claim prizes.
  9. This contest is open to all surfers with valid identity card.


* First Name:      
* Last Name:      
* I.C No.:      
* Date of Birth:      
* Car Make:      
* Car Model :      
* Car Registration Number :      
* E-mail:      
* Contact No:      
* Questions:
1.) How many branches do we have in total?
  (a) two     (b) four    (c) six
2.) Last year Sin Hup Huat Co. celebrated itís how many year anniversary?
  (a) 30th years     (b) 40th years     (c) 50th years
3.) Which is the branch under Sin Hup Huat Co. provides Meguiarís Car Grooming Services?
  (a) Michelin Centre
(b) Max Centre
(c) Tyre Factory Gadong
4.) What is Sin Hup Huat Co. tagline for our corporate logo?
  (a) Keeps you healthy and safe
(b) Keeps you Safe on the Roads
(c) Keeps you Safe from the Roads
5.) What is Sin Hup Huat Co. Premium Range tyre brand?
  (a) Pirelli     (b) Michelin     (c) Nankang
6.) Where is Sin Hup Huat Co. Michelin Centre branch located at?
  (a) Bandar Seri Begawan     (b) Gadong     (c) Kuala Belait

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